Costin Craioveanu - romanian artist

Costin Craioveanu was born in Bucharest in 1975 into one of Romania’s modern art dynasties and grew up in and around art: his grandfather was a sculptor, his father, Leon, a metal artist and painter, uncles Vasile and Emil Craioveanu are well-known ceramists and painters, and his grandmother painted religious icons. Costin’s earliest teacher was his father when, aged five, he began painting, and later turned to painting religious icons on glass and forging silver and alpaca alloy jewellery.

His first solo exhibition, Nudes, occurred in 2000 in the foyer of Bucharest’s National Theatre. His next exhibition, Clocks, sold all 40 paintings on display. Many exhibitions later, Costin has become best known for his depictions of famous characters in the world of film, sport, politics and art, yet regularly departs into different experimental styles while retaining his originality and humor.

Today Costin is one of Romania’s most recognized contemporary artists, and has sold more paintings than anyone in the country. His buyers include Hollywood film stars, statesmen, ambassadors and businessmen.


C.Craioveanu art @ Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest – August 8, 2014

Radisson Blu Bucharest painting exhibition august 2014   About the artist

Photo from the expo in Denmark 18-04-2012

denmark exposition e1336554932194   About the artist