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[az_column_text animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]In case you missed it, Giga Origami was setup in Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, 7 July until 31 August 2014 in the Great Hall (more about it here http://tropenmuseum.nl/en/uk/giga-origami)

The Tropenmuseum is one of Europe’s leading ethnographic museums, renowned for its collection. The permanent and temporary exhibitions display (art) objects, photographs, music and film from non-western cultures.

Origami master

Sipho Mabona was five years old when he folded his first paper airplane. In 2000 after having folded planes for fifteen years Mabona ran out of paper airplane designs to fold and turned to origami hoping it would enable him to come up with original designs.

Sipho Mabona is a professional origami artist. Recently he created a life-size elephant from one piece of paper. His work demonstrates a wide range of different styles of origami, from extremely complicated figurative designs to abstract geometric shapes.

More on Sipho Mabona here http://www.mabonaorigami.com/ we will share more of his artworks soon as we love his work!

Photos by Peter Hilz

Source: http://tropenmuseum.nl[/az_column_text]

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